Our law firm based in Lausanne advises you since 1947. 

We are lawyers at the Bar, OAV members.

From Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 12:00, from 14:00 to 18:00




Our law firm was established in 1947 by Pierre Bolomey and Georges Derron. It currently has five partners, all of whom are registered in the Canton of  Vaud Attorney registry, two trainees attorney and a jurist.

Together, our complementary experience and training allows us to cover all areas of law. We benefit from our collective expertise and the resources that each of us has developed in his or her preferred field of law.


For a first meeting, depending on the circumstances, remember to take with you: 

•   The previous court decisions which relate to the case in question,
•   Your family record book or a certificate of civil status,
•   Your pay slips,
•   Your last income tax return,
•   Your rental agreement,
•   Your health insurance accounts,
•   Any contracts that bind you to the other parties,
•   The minutes of any inquiry or hearing, 
•   Any debtor acknowledgments of debts.

Unless otherwise specified, copies are sufficient.







The remuneration for our services is essentially a function of the number of hours spent on your case, plus the difficulty and outcome of the case. These are, in principle, covered by the payment of one or more provisions. If you have legal protection insurance, you should check whether your case is covered. 
If your income and fortune do not allow you to bear the costs of the procedure, you have the right to apply for legal aid, granted under certain conditions for civil, criminal and administrative matters.
It is important to determine from the outset how your costs will be paid, because our concern is also to defend this aspect of your interests.


If you have legal protection insurance, it is essential to inform your lawyer during the first interview. Indeed, if your case is covered by your legal protection insurance, in general, the claim must be declared immediately. Depending upon the contractual conditions specific to each insurance contract and subject to the acceptance of the coverage by your insurance, the expenses and fees will be borne by the latter.