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November 1st  2019 at 10:01

Avocadid is pleased to announce that Anna D. Vladau joined the firm as a partner on September 1, 2019.


Anna D. Vladau advises private clients as well as Swiss and foreign companies, mainly in the areas of Swiss and American taxation and commercial law. Her areas of expertise are Swiss and international tax law, tax litigation, criminal administrative law, international administrative assistance and commercial contracts. She practices in French and English. 

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After completing her law studies at the University of Lausanne, Anna D. Vladau worked as a tax lawyer with the Cantonal Tax Administration of the Canton of Vaud. After obtaining her law degree in 2011, she completed her experience with an LL.M. in American tax law at Boston University in the United States. After graduation, she worked for one year in the tax department of a business law firm in New York. Upon her return to Switzerland, she continued her practice in Swiss and international tax law before joining our firm. 

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Anna D. Vladau is also a member of the Young Bar Association of Vaud, the Bar Association of Vaud and the International Fiscal Association (IFA). 

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